Wednesday, 23 November 2016

5 Tricks To Save Your Mobile Data In Android Phone

5 Tricks To Save Your Mobile Data In Android Phone: Your smartphone is now on everyone's eye, the thief trying to get information about your data. The easiest way to evade personal and financial information on the smartphone. Today, all banks, mutual funds, stock markets and insurance companies to provide information on the smartphone so perhaps it is difficult.
If you back up the information on your smartphone is very easy. If you back up the data stored on your smartphone will continue to take the information from time to time will not be afraid of being stolen.

How to Save Data on Android Phone Using Data Saver App

Titanium Backup for many years has been regarded as the king of the backup. There are many features that are not found in other apps to back up. Looks very old and in view of the needs root access. It is not free and will cost about Rs 400 for use.

CM cheetah app back up your mobile contacts, SMS, call logs, calendar and photo reserves. Download this app you will get five gigabytes of free cloud storage.

G Cloud Backup Cloud Storage utilizes yourself and you can start with a gigabyte of storage. Up to 10 GB can be used later. The app is completely free, but will see ads from time to time. Wi-Fi connection so your mobile will only backup data is not used.

Easy backup and restore of the most important that after a while, trying to restore it is very fast. The app also contacts, SMS, MMS, call logs, calendar, dictionary and photos and bookmarks can be preserved. The routing is required to keep the app bar. If you have a drop box, Google Drive, Forest Drive storage options such as these can keep all your backup. If he is to keep stored on the SD card is also possible.

Super backups like others call logs, SMS, contacts, etc but the free version is that the backup will appear in advertising and paying Rs 150, you probably will not buy this app.
5 Tricks To Save Your Mobile Data In Android Phone
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