Friday, 7 October 2016

us presidential elections donald trump video evidence comments on women

us presidential elections donald trump video evidence comments on women: The Kingdom of the White House as the Republican candidate Donald Trump has hopes. Women in the year 2005, he made a comment about the video, one of the latest survived worse. Then he had to apologize. However, the situation does not seem to land belonging to the voters, especially women ... The Washington Post has earned almost 11 years ago, the title of the video. '' I used to kiss them now .. wait .. I did not see just a kiss.  they kiss you when you're a star, '' he said in the video that is Trump. Women kissed, dirty touching, sexual activity, taking with them the microphone for his. Billy Bush this video.

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However, it is going to trump that happened many years ago in a private conversation. Bill Clinton spoke of the many Golf Course. However, his words .. I apologize to anyone who wants to be bothered, he said. These comments trump rival, the Democratic Party candidate Hillary Clinton said seriously. '' It gets that such person to the president, '' she said. Such behavior is an abomination to the Democratic vice presidential nominee Sen. Tim Cain said. Trump is nothing to apologize for his own party, even if they did not agree. Grandfather of the two girls .. Trump similar comments about women, and he has now apologized to accept them on behalf of the Republican Party, Jeb Bush said the contending for the presidency. Speaker of the House of Representatives Paul Ryan also trump women condemned the comments. Similar words for women to talk with someone about them, do not want to ever do so, the chairman of the Republican National Committee, said reins.
us presidential elections donald trump video evidence comments on women
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