Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Surgical Strikes Video Footage by Indian Army Give Green Signal

Surgical Strikes Video Footage by Indian Army Give Green Signal: Surgical Strikes Meaning to Hindi, Telugu and English Bodies taken away on trucks, loud explosions, eyewitnesses give graphic details. In many parts of Pakistan-occupied Kashmir terrorist launching pad (to attack the terrorists hid in  on the initiative of the Indian Army on September 28,29 surgical strikes to the release of the video advertising several Union ministers were embarrassed Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The Cabinet Committee on security affairs at its meeting held in Delhi on Wednesday, the Prime Minister instructed ministers not to any advertising related to the release of the video .. it was reliable. BJP's Chief Minister, and some of the other leaders' summons to Modi's speech in the chest information.

Surgical AAP demanded the release of videos of the attacks, the Congress and other opposition parties, including the demand to release original videos in the background Whether or not The Cabinet Committee discussed. Videos of the attacks has been provided by the central government, Army officials Wednesday. The Prime Minister, Modi Videos hundred percent .. Many struggled with issues related to the Army, to release them, whether it was the Army said officials will decide.

Surgical strikes evidence videos footage:

Bhetiki Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh, as well as defense, foreign affairs ministers of the departments Manohar, Sushma Swaraj, National Security Adviser, and others were present. Sunday (October 2) Minister Rajnath media event 'Association has announced the release of the video.
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