Tuesday, 4 October 2016

News Reality TV Star Kim Kardashian Rob in Paris Hotel Jewelry, phones stolen

Reality TV Star Kim Kardashian Rob in Paris Hotel Jewelry, phones stolen: Paris I have stayed in the hotel in a reality TV star Kim  into the fear, says. Bath  as an assailant Tub Locked in the police said. The assailants told him would. There were young children,  kill them, you need to take things according to the complaint made to the police leave.

Reality TV Star Kim Kardashian robbed  News, gossip, pictures, video:

English thugs In the talked, in French only  Kim said. Recently threatened to give as a gift to her husband's ring, she cried mouth firmly attached to the tape said. Jewelry thieves six minutes, looted money has fled. On the ground floor at the time, said her friend Simone. Went the robbers came out two minutes later came his  said. He said the robbers did not harm him. She was reported to police after Paris Came from. Kim stayed in the hotel room on Sunday morning, according to the time France is attacked by two thugs .. Rs 45 crore jeweler threatening her with a gun.

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