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How to Link Ration Card to Aadhar Card Online Download Ration Card Duplicate Copy

How to Link Ration Card to Aadhar Card Online Download Ration Card Duplicate Copy: The administration embarked on the family ration card, in order to link Aadhaar card. Aadhaar card number in order to allow card holders attached to such drills were made to speed. Aadhaar number will be linked to the targeted culling bogus cards Civil Supplies Department, the sources said. At the expiration of this process in the form of smart cards, ration cards granted.

State Civil Supplies Department, headed by the two million families have ration cards are issued. The cards have been issued in 2005, continues to this day. The new cards have been issued since 2009 to stop. There are hundreds of thousands of families waiting for the ration cards. Spending as long as the cards are based on the old hinges. The family card holders offer convenience goods, including rice are being distributed for free. There are fundamental credentials of all the ration cards. Also, all government schemes to the beneficiaries on the basis of these cards are offering. Findings that the large-scale bogus cards.

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Two of the three cards of the same family, the same address under different names, such as the fact that many of the cards are seeing the light. In this situation, the large-scale introduction of the gas subsidy Aadhaar card linked to the central government, with two of the three LPG connections have been betrayed confidentiality of users. All of which were canceled. Also, subsidies  oil companies are deciding to purchase their high-priced cylinders. Voter identification card at the same time have been linked to Aadhaar. Erie fake voters in this process over the coming through process. Aadhaar numbers given to the integration of these results, along with the bogus ration cards, Erie  poor selection of candidates and can be linked to Aadhaar card has been prepared by the government.

Ration Aadhaar linked: the last for some time, is not sufficient to grant the new ration cards. Smart cards, ration cards issued in the form of last year, the situation was such drills. The private company has been given the appropriate functionality. The bogus cards in the process progresses rapidly Civil Supplies Department, Erie come to the conclusion that the link. The appropriate commands are sent to the authorities of all the districts of the division. Grant applications for ration card holders in the stores. No the applicants, including phone numbers, bank account numbers will also receive.

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Based on the number of eligible beneficiaries were selected, along with the bogus cards Erie, smart card to make a grant in the form of ration cards soon. In this regard, an official of the department, claiming that the measures taken to provide smart cards, ration cards, similar to the way the athar linked to the government's decision to end the  There. Aadhaar numbers to cancel the ration cards warned that if it does not. officially announced in a few days, the officer reported that the link Aadhaar card. Well Aadhaar numbers, bank account numbers in terms of asking the central government to the gas bank account, bank account, as well as state subsidies  convenience goods .. The wait for the watch.
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