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How to Join Freedom 251 Mobile Free Gift Loyalty Program Booking Online Registration 2016

How to Join Freedom 251 Mobile Free Gift Loyalty Program booking Online Registration: Celebrating Ringing Bells First Anniversary Freedom 251 Free Mobile Join in Ringing Bells First Anniversary. The Freedom 251 Makers Release New Products On Amazon India 2016. on freedom 251 order online buying through online shopping in india websites, through booking online now 2016.

Ringing Bells Freedom 251 Smartphone Free Registration Online:

Ringing Bells Loyalty Program Freedom 251 Mobile Booking Online Order Now to get free smartphone with huge discount. Registration for Cash on delivery also available with extra 50 rupees.

Choose a Membership plan to get our offers 2000/- for 1 year Platinum

Get 2 Freedom 251 and 15% discount on all RBPL products 1000/- for 1 year Gold

Get 1 Freedom 251 and 10% discount on all RBPL products 500/- for 1 year Silver

Please fill the form to join RB Loyalty Program
How to Join Freedom 251 Free Gift Loyalty Program booking Online



Pin Code:


Selected Plan: 2000/-

Payment Mode:Cash on Delivery(COD Charges  50 extra)

Email ID:


Enter full address with city


Confirm Password:

Terms & Conditions:

I agree with all Terms & Conditions.

Now click the Join

Now you will get Enter RB Loyalty Program OTP to confirm your order.

How to Join Freedom 251 Free Gift Loyalty Program booking Online

Then enter otp now click verify otp

How to Join Freedom 251 Free Gift Loyalty Program booking Online

Loyalty Cards will give varied discounts to Users/Customers for buying Ringing Bells products on-line. Loyalty Card are available to all qualifying individuals of any age. Ringing Bell reserves the right to refuse Loyalty Card to any applicant and Loyalty Cards are revocable without cause. Loyalty Cards are subject to any and all rules adopted by Ringing Bells including our privacy policies and practices, and they may be amended from time to time without notice. Loyalty Cards are valid for twelve months period from the date of enrollment of the Card holder. Loyalty Card/Membership may be terminated at Ringing Bell's discretion. Loyalty Cards remain the property of Ringing Bells and must be returned on our request. Loyalty Cards are not transferable. One user can buy more than one Loyalty Card. Report lost or stolen cards to Ringing Bells immediately at Ringing Bells Corporate Office : A-217, 1 st floor, The Corenthum, Sector - 62 Noida - 201301 or call 000-800- 100-4446.

Loyalty Cards will be available in denominations of Rs 500 (Silver), Rs 1,000 (Gold) and Rs 2,000 (Platinum) and can be purchased on the website. With this card, Cardholders will get discounts on purchase of Ringing Bells products and also receive 'Freedom 251' smart phone as a gift. Customers will get 5%, 10% and 15% discount on buying Ringing Bells products with cards in denominations of Rs 500 [Silver Card], Rs 1,000 [Gold Card] and Rs 2,000 [Platinum Card] respectively. The Silver & Gold Cards are entitled to One Free Unit of 'Freedom 251' and the Platinum Card shall be entitled to Two Free Units of 'Freedom 251'.

Membership Number:
A unique 16 Digit Loyalty Card Membership number will be generated on-line and customer can start using this from Day 1. All the card details will be sent via email while the physical cards will follow by courier delivery. The Loyalty Card will be embossed with the Name of the Customer and the unique 16 digit membership ID number.

Other Terms and Conditions:
a. The Freedom 251 delivery to Customer will commence and will be completed by the end of December 2016. The said date may be extended by Ringing Bells at its sole discretion without incurring any liability whatsoever. Ringing Bell's decision in this regard shall be final.

b. Ringing Bells reserves the right to verify the credentials and information provided by applicant of the Loyalty Card. Ringing Bells may decline issuance of the Loyalty Cards to any user/Customer at its sole discretion.
c. Ringing Bells reserves the right to withdraw/discontinue the said Loyalty Card program and/or revise the benefits available thereunder and/or the terms and conditions for obtaining and using the Loyalty Card.

d. Bulk purchases using Loyalty Card will be permitted. A Loyalty Card may be used to avail any number of products within the 12 months period of its validity.

e. By using his/her RB loyalty membership card, member consents to the Terms and Conditions as stated herein and also consents to creating, maintaining and updating data about the member by the Card. Such data may include membership details (like name, address, telephone number, date of birth, employer etc

Adding or Deleting Cards
Ringing Bells administrator will be authorized to make changes to the Loyalty Cards. This includes changing the address, phone number, upgrading or renewing the Loyalty Cards.

Get 1 Freedom 251 and 5% discount on all RBPL products

Customer Care No. 000-800-100-4446 (10 AM to 7 PM)

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