Friday, 7 October 2016

Facebook launches New smartphone app for event seekers

Facebook launches New smartphone app for event seekers: Networking site Facebook has launched another app. Knowing the things that happen locally, miss .. to learn about their friends for smart phone users to enjoy each other 'Events App' name to launch the new app. This is the Facebook product manager, said in a post on Aditya Cool Wall.

This app in collaboration with the literary conventions, and other interesting programs such as dramas, region, and other topics of interest to share with each other based on the said. Once the new program is open to you in detail the events, all will be connected to the events of the details of this latest App clicking your friends, pages, likes and other items, he said knows the Cool Wall.

App birthday, meetings, group meetings, we can create events, such as exhibitions. The campaign also offers information about the event in a short time can be Cool said.
Facebook launches New smartphone app for event seekers
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