Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Facebook Encryption Option available in

Facebook Encryption Option available in Social media giant Facebook Messenger App .. for her to offer a new feature. The encryption service through social media while chatting while whatsapp so far, no such opportunity will be the Facebook Messenger. "Secret Conversations" can be used as a key feature. What whatsapp However, we would like to stop receiving the encryption is done automatically. Messenger will be the only ones, but we're looking for.

Facebook messenger end to end encryption feature:

There is also, however, here's the twist. Once we were able to turn on automatic encryption .. almost a hundred million Messenger users will also have to turn on each End to End Encryption. Once this problem not be able to download the new version, a new message on the screen on the right side of the 'secret' can find the key, if it is sufficient to tap into Facebook said. sending the messages,  may also download the new version.
Facebook Encryption Option available in

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