Friday, 14 October 2016

Download Telangana MY GHMC Mobile App - Online Registration

Download Telangana MY GHMC Mobile App - Online Registration: My GHMC app Registration download for Android Smartphone mobiles.learning portal was launched by the Central Government of India to freedom from officers, staff in the use of the other top-ranked  said in a statement mission objectives, sanitation and other programs with respect to the municipal authorities to  full understanding of the central government launched the online web portal.

Property Tax, Trade License, LRS, Grievance, Birth Certificate, Death Certificate, Know Your PTIN N0 online you can pay property tax dues in online, Trade License details using your TIN No Your Birth Certificate Status can be known online.

My GHMC  Mobile application registration Online:

Online Registration Process My GHMC App for Complaint of the 4,323 people in  get this training were learning. 2,889 of whom also received certificates of successfully completing the course, he said. The majority of those who complete the course, the workshop was ranked in first place in the country  inspector. As the unit for its efforts in supporting the mission of voluntary welcomed the commissioner said.

How to Download My GHMC App for Complaint:

My GHMC - Android Apps available on Google Play Store

Download Telangana MY GHMC Mobile App - Online Registration
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