Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Breaking News Tamil CM Jayalalitha Recovering Soon out of the Hospital

 Breaking News Tamil CM Jayalalitha Recovering Soon out of the Hospital: CM Jayalalitha Audio Clip Viral in Social Media Facebook and Whatsapp Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa on health is growing at a time when various rumors .. Apollo Hospital in Chennai, is being treated in the last 13 days, 'Amma' speaking an audio clipping has become viral in social media. Jayalalithaa recovering, her health was better and there is evidence to suggest that some of these audio sources said AIADMK fans. whatsapp exponentially related to the audio file is being shared. She did not seem to be spoken by the thought .. In fact, some say it's. However, the hospital was on the bed, so that the argument would be to switch the sound a little bit sore. This is the sound ..

Tamilnadu CM Jayalalitha News Public Interest In Jayalalithaa's Health, Madras High Court Tells Tamil Nadu '' My health is concerned .. I recover, every day, thanks to the  everyone praying. By the grace of God, my health is fine now. After being rested enough .. I have all of you to come forward, and thank you in person, I also say what the cause of the illness. Seeking not believe the rumors about my health.

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Recently, a major success in the elections, Anna DMK, AIADMK regime is no longer the peaceful opposition the spread of rumors about my health fabulous working overtime. Blessings to millions of supporters, MGR, as long as the love of the brotherhood sister  not separate me from you, no one else.

Because I had said earlier, I'm yourTherefore, as previously  .. February 17 assembly elections, the Panchayat elections on 19 votes with two leaves  .. successful party intends to offer. Jai Jai MGR Anna .. ''

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