Sunday, 23 October 2016

Airbus Vahana Book Online Air Taxi Ticket in Smartphone

Airbus Vahana Book Online Air Taxi Ticket in Smartphone: You need to go to the house of a relative in the afternoon, However, this time the helicopter took Kishore smartphone again (air taxi) had booked . French aerospace giant Airbus' ambitious project is successful vehicle .. Flying taxis are booked taxis can be booked now on the smartphone. There are also problems, such as traffic jams. The helicopter, which is along the lines of the 'one vaginal travel. The driver automatically, without the need to go to a certain place. "The runway is not necessary. Self-driving .. other air taxis on the road, in which the system is to identify barriers. The question does not arise because of the dangers.

Vahana flying car Book Seat in Smartphone App:

Rupondincanunnam does not need a pilot's first Certified Passenger Aircraft, "the company's chief executive said radio leap. Pariksincanunnaru made by the end of 2017, a full-scale model. Tenunnaru the market in 2020. 60 percent of the world's population will live in cities by 2030, Airbus said. According to the traffic, the problem would be even more  . By 2015, those , 2030, Airbus recognizes . Hyderabad Mega City 2030. .. In 2015 the city's population in 2030 to 89 million in the Airbus, it is estimated to be 1.27 million. .. Eyirtyaksilu our market is coming.
Airbus Vahana Book Online Air taxi Ticket in Smartphone
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