Saturday, 22 October 2016

How WhatsApp Group Video Calling Feature Activate Method

How WhatsApp Group Video Calling Feature Activate Method: The Another neat feature is set to provide its users with messaging giant WhatsApp. Now you can call voice and video call free from WhatsApp apk in android or ios smartphone mobiles. Just download WhatsApp apk then install on your cell then invite your friends through mobile number then call free video or voice method and soon the group video chat will be available. WhatsApp video calling can also make video calls as soon as possible. So far, providing access to voice call also will provide the opportunity to WhatsApp anymore. Vatsap currently testing this feature. 'Beta' mode with respect to the Windows Phone, the iPhone already offers this facility. Trying to bring the option of video calls on Android phones soon.

How to Activate WhatsApp Video Call Option:

Windows Mobile users for testing WhatsApp to offer the option of video calling has been released by one of the existing Spanish websites. The user has the option videocall next to WhatsApp voice call. WhatsApp calls so far only the users can talk to each other if there .. Video call. Kemeratopatu the front, the back camera is also provided with the opportunity to use this feature. Moreover, without the need to access the mute, know when it seems to be in the facility.

Features of WhatsApp video call download free apk:

To bring this new feature, users can access the features WhatsApp similar may be downloaded from the Google Play Store. Google, the company already had brought App Allo for video calls. On the other hand snap chat apps, such as going to the competition. The Facebook-owned WhatsApp trying to attract more users to its enhanced features.
How WhatsApp Group Video Calling Feature Activate Method
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