Monday, 19 September 2016

Woman Asks for More Data Protection of Vibrators Adult Accessories

Woman Asks for More Data Protection of Vibrators Adult Accessories: The controlled via an app toys, so the accusation by the applicant from the United States, broadcast detailed user behavior on the company server.

Because a vibrator manufacturers to collect a lot of private data on the app of his adult accessories, sued a US citizen, the Canadian company. The software of the U-shaped "We-Vibe" -Toys about wearing secretly highly sensitive data, according to the collective action of the woman who only indicating their initials from privacy reasons.

Vibrators Accessories and Toys Products:

To use the toys in their full width, it can be connected via Bluetooth to a smartphone and controlled with an app. This allows, for example, regulate the intensity and pattern of stimulation. The hum can be, for example, remotely called via the "We-Connect" feature from a partner. According to the company this is done via a secure connection.
Woman Asks for More Data Protection of Adult Accessories

The applicant complains that the app secretly transfer the intimate data of use, including duration, frequency and pattern of the company's servers, which then evaluating this data. The email address the user will use in association with - hence the preference could be assigned individually. The company violated so that the privacy of users. The applicant calls an omission of data transfer and compensation.

In a statement, the vibrator manufacturers emphasized its commitment to security and transparency of data usage. The app should get an update in September.

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