Monday, 19 September 2016

Samsung Note 7 Mobile Explode on man's pocket in Us

Samsung Note 7 Mobile Explode on man's pocket in Us: The explosion of the mobile maker Samsung, South Korea's difficulties are Galaxy 7 battery charging during the bombing, the focus is now another controversy surrounding the organization of events that were worried. A series of events, in addition to the recall crisis, also faced with legal action. For the delay, loss, seeking payment of damages filed in the US court.

Jonathan Beach Gardens, Florida on 7 galaxy exploded in the pocket of the consumer. While the occurrence of a sudden he was seriously injured in the explosion. Palm Beach on Monday to report that there has second-degree burns. There are clearly aware of the error before making the alleged negligence of the approximately ten million rupees (15,000 dollars) filed suit seeking damages Accept. Samsung's lawyer argued that Jonathan has failed in undertaking appropriate measures, such as the corporate organization. After the accident, on the other hand, Jonathan put on a Samsung phone to e-mail received salable.
Samsung Note 7 Mobile Explode on man's pocket in Us

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 of the explosion confirmed the dangers of the world, officially announced that it will recall the phones. Sending e-mail to alert customers to blast events. They also had to apologize to customers.

why do Mobile cell phones explode:

mobile exploded while charging battery blast reason, mobile explodes in pocket while over heat etc.

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