Saturday, 17 September 2016

Philippines Girls Take Selfie Picture Capture Ghost on School

Philippines Girls Take Selfie Picture Capture Ghost on School: Girls Captured Ghosts By Mistake in Selif at school photographs often is reminded of its heyday. But for some people tend to fear for his life some pictures. A similar incident occurred with the two girls to school, when his picture was included in a soul.

Two girls in the washrooms of the Philippines, Rizal High School was fun. Meanwhile, both the moments captured by your camera. As both saw their Selfi sped their senses. The modest-looking and was always present in the picture with them.

Ghosts - Captured photos, pictures and videos:

A girl sitting in the photo was seen right behind them. At the time the photo was not taken at that time and in washrooms.This is not the first case in the school, when someone saw the ghost. In fact, children in this school since 1980, has a feeling of being a soul. Let's say a boy was killed in the school buildings, since there is a sense of people around her.

Although social media to spread the news it was fraud but also fear there are people unfairly.
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