Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Live Weather Report Today in AP Rainfall Updates

Live Weather Report Today in AP Rainfall Updates: The weather report in ap southwest monsoon is going to strengthen the state, India Meteorological Department web information widespread rains over the effect. The brooks, rain. As the flood waters have paralyzed highways communion. Caused serious damage to crops in thousands of acres of state. Two days of heavy rains in the region of Guntur district Palnadu low-lying areas. From Monday night until Tuesday afternoon  rages through heavy rain, swept away a railway station near the track by 100 meters. The rail trains between the material world.

Live IMD - All India Weather Forecast Bulletin Today:

Railway officials on Tuesday began work to repair the railway track. stream overflows at four feet above the main road  mired communion between the material world-streams between the villages and on the roads, trains flows.  clay roof collapsed zone (63) died on the spot. 27.3 cm in the Guntur district, the material world is 17.1, 14.3.
Live Weather Report Today in AP Rainfall Updates
The live weather report material world in the constituencies of the nine zones, cotton, chilli crop is completely sunk. Said farmers are being lost due to the intense rains. Vaiessarsipi learning about crop damage the President, the opposition leader YS Jagan Mohan Reddy and former, general secretary of the state Department of Youth  INDIAN NATIONAL  phone, and was investigating. We suggest to set up for the affected farmers.

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