Thursday, 15 September 2016

Husband Puts Wife For SALE On Online Shopping Website EBay

Husband Puts Wife For SALE On Online Shopping Website EBay: Your everyday online shopping website to sell old stuff or buy things to use. But the husband has a limit, when his wife gave ed to sell on online shopping website. You will be shocked to know the reason behind this.

His wife of 33 years in the UK Simon Oken on ebay auction site to sell put Ed. With photos of the wife of Ed wrote "USED WIFE FOR SALE"

The aid was given to his wife to buy the advantages, disadvantages. Merit stating that says, 'the best physical structure and function of the kitchen more efficient. " While, the evils that he wrote, referring to the role of devoted wife could not.

Ed saw his wife for many people, ie 65 880 million pound bid of Rs 5.84092 .

Telecom engineer Simon Oken did so because his wife during her illness, did not show any sympathy towards him, so Simon took this step.
After seeing your ad on ebay as a beauty therapist who works Liandra said: "I was furious, I wanted to kill him. I saw the ad in the workplace and they all laughed like crazy. "However, these ads have been pulled by Simon ebay.

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