Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Google Pixel Smartphone Launching Date Features, Specs, Price

Google Pixel Smartphone Launching Date Features, Specs, Price: Features, Specs, Reviews, & Price, pictures and Pre-orders Android version Hooded seal in the presence of Google, Smart Phone market in its Craze Is the perfect time to raise more. Own branded smart To launch the phones in which finalized. On October 4, the grand event introduced to the world as its own branded phones, tech analysts talk. This special event was held on October 4 at 9 in the morning in invitations to Google. The event teaser Google video, YouTube Was in. Has not been any official statement on the release of the company Pixel phones.

Price in india, us, uk  and online shopping sites, ebay.com, amazon.in, flipkart.com, snapdeal.com websites are going to sell this product. users may buy in india market soon.

Soon own branded smart Google phone market, this event Estimates went up significantly in making the launch. In addition to the announcement of the new phones seems to have been said about other Google products. The event On the clientele, the tech community was full of interest. Sail Fish, these phones are coming under the code names margin of 5, 5.5 inch display It seems to have been in the game. Android Software Where In the most recent version of the newly introduced at That information with the launch of these phones.
Google's Pixel

Google's Pixel Mobile Features, Specs, Reviews, & Pricing. Pre-orders:

The name of the participating companies, in cooperation with the Google Android smart  phones on the market somewhere in the Google brand will disappear ... A brand of its own brand, rather than, Google's smart on the pixel where Is all set to introduce the phones. Apple Comparable to high-end technology, the phones, the Google Talk market. These days in the face of competition from Samsung and Apple now To, Google is also involved in. Tech giant Apple's new iPhone 7 Models of God so recently Both the San Francisco Bill Graham Civic grand venue As introduced.

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