Monday, 19 September 2016

Free Number Porting at HoT Transfer Cell Phone Number at

Free Number Porting at HoT Transfer Cell Phone Number at Austria Switch Cell Phone Carrier  T-Mobile Austria For one month (August 22-September 25) reports to the mobile operator hot its customers the cost of number portability.

About 600,000 customers the mobile offering of food discounter offer is one already. Not only offering hot is used, but also the number porting. Since the start of the offer in January 2015 more than 100,000 ports were made online. Who changes Now August 22 to September 25 to hot, gets 10 euros as a credit refundable.

The ten Euro falls to the former service provider. Immediately in all tariff packages HotVoip offers the best calling rates for Cameroon, Uzbekistan and other popular destinations. One euro is accounted for on the Number Porting Ordinance information (number information transmission) as well as nine euros to the former provider. Since November 20, 2015 the number porting costs for a Regulation of the regulator RTR takes just under 20 euros, only half.
Free number porting at HoT Transfer Cell Phone Number at

Ventocom CEO Michael criticized since the start of hot that the RTR was upholding the fee for number porting transfer phone number to new sim. It is an outdated in the digital era regulation that no longer stand financially in relation to the actual costs.

Hot is a subsidiary Ventocom and uses the power of the mobile radio operator T-Mobile.

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