Saturday, 17 September 2016

Five Btech Student Drowns in Dharmasagar Reservoir Telangana

Five Btech Student Drowns in Dharmasagar Reservoir Telangana: Reservoir dharmasagar Warangal district The tragedy took place on Saturday. Reservoir dharmasagar Five students were killed in the fall. Five students from the engineering college on the outskirts of Warangal  on Saturday to go to the swimming pond drowned, died of accidental immersion.

Among them were three women and two Boys. A third year student of engineering college gigabytes devi cotton sravyareddi (19), pollineni innovative (18), Karnali sivasai (19), polineni sivasai Krishna (20) along with the reservoir dharmasagar with another young man? To the fun went swimming.

Immersed in the order they were drowned by accident. Luckily, however, Pratyusha adjacent to the rescue of other college students. Students heard the news of the death of their family members. Pressed into the incident rushed to the information received, the police recovered the body. Undertake measures to search for the others. Police said that the deceased sister.

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Five Btech Student Drowns in Dharmasagar Reservoir Telangana
Five Engineering  vagdevi engineering college students fall in diesdharmasagar reservoir. One Girl Saved and Five members are died.

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