Saturday, 24 September 2016

First Country France Ban Plastic Cups and Plates All over Country

First Country France Ban Plastic Cups and Plates All over Country: France's sensational decision was taken for the protection of the environment. In plastic cups, plates issued banning orders. The world's first country to ban this kind of a new law, the government also 2020, 50 per cent of disposable made from materials of biological origin to law. They should be prepared to make use of the compost. As of January 2025 this would increase to 60 per cent of the limit.

Banned plastic bags countries On the other hand the French government's decision to mixed reactions. Despite this, many happy, fierce opposition, especially in sections of the industry. Argue that this decision was in violation of the laws of the countries of the EU. However, to turn to the EU Commission. Bio-plastic goods, they are not opponents, but wanted to focus on the scientific alternatives.

France News Live Updates in English Words:

In December last year, the Convention on Climate Change summit in Paris 21, after the success of plans to grow as a global leader in environmental and energy solutions. On the other hand, plastic cups at the rate of 150 per second, using the 4.37 billion cups French Association of Health and Environment, according to reports.

Bangladesh is one of the leading plastic bags is prohibited. Heavy floods in the country in 2002, which prohibits the use of plastic bags.... After South Africa, Kenya, China, Mexico, Rwanda word of mouth. In other countries some restrictions on the use of the plastic. This past July, prohibits the use of lightweight plastic bags.
banned plastic bags countries
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