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CM Jayalalithaa Health Live Updates, News Tamil Nadu Videos

CM Jayalalithaa Health Live Updates, News Tamil Nadu Videos: Tamil Nadu Chief Minister and AIADMK supremo Jayalalitha, was taken ill on Thursday night. The treatment will be offered as soon as she moved to a hospital in Chennai, Apollo. With the advent of fever brought her to the hospital, the hospital, the doctors said.

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Tamilnadu cm Jayalalithaa treatment in singapore

Woman by the people of the state would reach the hospital after a sudden illness, affectionately  Chief Minister Jayalalitha had to have her fans. Tamil Nadu, AIADMK supremo concerned. Chief information that her favorite college breath stable.

The second phase of Metro services begin on July 21, enthusiastically participated in many events, such as the introduction of the new CAT buses. Secretariat on Thursday, which means the next day as usual, she expects everyone to come. On Thursday, however, she did not fully Secretariat. That night, however, she seems to fever. At the height of the fever at midnight on Friday, for about 2 hours in the morning rush to the chief admitted to Apollo Hospital in Chennai.

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Chief fever, suffering from dehydration, chief operating officer of Apollo hospital on Friday morning in favor of a kept confidential until it is released. Ministers are only some of the information to the chief of the hospital admit. Several ministers, including the finance minister, Paneer Selvam hastily arrived at the hospital. However, from early in the morning on Friday  not allowed into any of the onset of medical treatments. Fellow ministers, MPs, MLAs, party leaders indicating they came to the hospital. At the main entrance of the hospital into the refusal to allow.
CM Jayalalithaa Health Live Updates, News Tamil Nadu Videos
Police blockade Apollo hospital: Apollo Hospital Chief Minister Jayalalithaa admit to being a police blockade in the hospital environment have been.  the lead, Egmore, closed roads. Filled with police for about two kilometers. Apart from the roads  small road that leads to the Apollo hospital were detained by the police.

Exclusive Tamil Nadu CM Jayalalithaa Health (சுகாதார) recovering:

Patients receiving treatment at the hospital in general could not cross the police would come to the edge. Telugu people reaching for the majority of patients being treated in hospital Apollo police were unable to speak in Tamil. To return to the hospital to give patients information on the phone, let the police give advice. She is not the fans, who works in the vicinity of the private office employees were not allowed to go beyond the barricades. Clashed with police and stormed the few employees.

CM Jayalalithaa Health Live Updates, News Tamil Nadu Videos
She said of the fans Last year, rumors are often viewed to be suffering from ill-CM Jayalalitha. Once in the hospital, critically ill, she did not admit, is promoting medical homes  treatment. Sick announce a lawsuit against the opposition  she said. After that, however, he announced that he was ill. Similar to the situation, Chief Minister Jayalalitha on Friday appolo hospital information spread around the people have moved .

Concerns is that the illness reaches the hospital. Apollo hospital crowd, filled with favorite gananto. Women activists, especially the girl standing at the entrance to the hospital tears. The poor mother. the welfare schemes for the poor, said the AIADMK shouted slogans. Bless the whole health of the mother, praying for the party leaders and workers of the state, temples, mosques, churches special prayers, held prayers.

She consistently Health: Apollo Chief Minister Jayalalithaa's health is stable, doctors of Apollo, the bulletin was released Friday evening. Jarvam completely reduced, and ate breakfast in the morning as usual, said the bulletin. Saturdays or Sundays, she seems to have become discharged.

The expectation:  Chief Minister Narendra Modi wished she sent a message in a healthy recover. As well as the Tamil Nadu Governor K. vidyasagarao, DMK chief M Karunanidhi, Stalin, treasurer, and other parties  President has sent a message.
CM Jayalalithaa Health Live Updates, News Tamil Nadu Videos

She was suffering from dehydration problem, is now her health is stable, doctors said .. akkarledani no concern. However, she advised that in providing better treatment to recover, he said. More recently, she was concerned about the health of the people of Tamil Nadu, along with party leaders.

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister, head. Severe fever, dehydration, due to the Apollo hospital in Chennai on Thursday night, said. Viswanathan subbayya monitored by the Chief Medical Officer. 'Venerable Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa recovering. She is currently in stable condition. Been created and was under the supervision of. Will be discharged fully recovered, "Viswanathan health bulletin was released Friday morning.
CM Jayalalithaa Health Live Updates, News Tamil Nadu Videos

However, in the wake of treating 500 police personnel have been deployed around the hospital compound. Shut down all the ways that go towards those areas of the hospital that was instructed to work from home. Meanwhile, she quickly recover her devotees, fans, activists, entourage category already queuing outside temples. plant. Chennai, lacking many of the Muslim corporators special prayers in mosques.
CM Jayalalithaa Health Live Updates, News Tamil Nadu Videos
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