Saturday, 17 September 2016

Brazilian Actor Domingos Montagner Died Drowns in a River

Brazilian Actor Domingos Montagner Died Drowns in a River: During a break on the banks of the shooting .. was killed in actor went swimming a lot of fun together. Brazil is the top actor in the field of TV Domingo  running as a surprise that in case of death has been disputed. Legal Medical Institute Director Jose are exempted ..

Shooting for a unit of Brazil's most popular TV serial Traveled to the village together with Thursday. Sao Francisco river is running the village. Camilla Domingo with co-star break, the shooting went on to dive into the river. .. A sudden increase in the intensity of the flow of both. He swept both. Camilla took advantage of a large rock .. Domingo be flushed with water to protect himself.

Domingos montagner esposa Updates:

The information was received by the rescue crew. A day after the accident, which was made available Friday. Missing place at a depth of 1,000 feet underwater boulders trapped between 60 feet Domingo identify the body, recovered  ardors legal medical officer, said Jose. In fact, if not dangerous, to the place where they landed in the river flow would be caused by drastic increases, he said.
Go swimming together and taking their lives in the face of danger, explaining that the actress Camilla .. STILL drastic  fun to swim. Two  But it was propped me a stone slab. Efforts have been Domingo turn to climb onto it. almost came close to two times the profit. The 54-year-old artist Domingo  begins to shine in the field of drama, and then took the name of the TV field. His wife, have three children.

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