Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Big Debate on Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump on US Elections

Big Debate on Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump on US Elections: Hillary Clinton v Donald Trump Debate News, Updates, Live Online Next Donald Trump is competing for the US presidency in the first-to-face debate between Hillary Clinton has broken the record. 36-year-old record in the history of American television's first discussion was held on Tuesday, surpassing the Trump-Hillary. A record 8.4 million people watched the debate. In 1980, the debate between Jimmy Carter-Ronald Reagan saw 8 million million. Hillary-Trump, 13, the current debate on the main TV channel was accounted for viewers. Their number is expected to be even more around the world watched on the Internet.

Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump Debate Highlights, Updates:

The 98-minute debate, held at the University of looked at moving viewers, according to Nielsen Company. Speaking on the occasion, Trump and his supporters. "I know that the first debate record in the history of television. Taking a big breath to speak with family members saying, "he said. However, the other two on October 9, the discussion will be held between 19 th Trump-Hillary. The presidential elections will be held on November 8.
Big Debate on Illary Clinton vs Donald Trump on US Elections
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