Monday, 12 September 2016

Beipanjiang Bridge in china worlds highest-bridge 343 Meters

Beipanjiang Bridge in china worlds highest-bridge 343 Meters: Never before in the history of China once again dazzle the world, an structures. The highest bridge in the world, the country still continues to start at the end of this year will be. Its height is 565 meters and 1,341 meters in length. The tallest bridge is going to happen on the ground. Until now, the highest bridge in France The Milan Viaduct (343 meters), is known.

China 'world's highest bridge' in Guizhou Updates:

Huber, China river Province In producing it. From both sides of the river, while the last link in the structure adopted A was added on Saturday. Upon completion of the bridge from the Yunnan province go that far in the convey. While in China, which is already high in many of the bridges will be witnessed. vehicles after the end of this year.

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