Saturday, 2 July 2016

Facebook New Options 2016 Available Now Check Out

Facebook New Options 2016 Available Now Check Out: Facebook now automatically translate posts different languages which your going you share or like.The most commonly used communication medium for users to post on Facebook, become their preferred language ..? The latter, however, will be automatically translated into different languages ​​ Facebook posts, Facebook began testing a new tool. This tool will be translated into the desired language, the user posts. This tool is currently being test page authors, single post to other users on the Facebook platform, along with the flexibility to compose in different languages, Facebook will provide an opportunity to read the posts in the language of the audience who want them. The company had a different kind of audience and make easier for the users.

Half of Facebook users (150 million users), users can talk in English, but this is California-based company said. Users Account Settings in the local language of the post, located  Facebook. Users also know as well as using any of the languages ​​commonly posts. Facebook users will automatically be translated into the language of your choice will be posts. Test this tool is to set the tone for the medium to remove the obstacles in language.Now more your should like on facebook by like the news feed facebook settings and more.

Social medium giant early this year, "Composer" (multilingual ) brought forward the users of the tool. Through its pages in the service of companies, brands, the Group's, celebrities represent the pages made available by this option. This tool is now available to the general users.

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