Tuesday, 28 June 2016

US Senator Stopped Issue visas to India and 23 Countries

US Senator Stopped Issue visas to India and 23 Countries: Issuing visas for 23 countries, a top American Senator, President Obama asked. India, China to citizens, including the 23 countries of the immigrant, non-immigrant visa is issued to stop the show suggested that the Obama Administration. Alleging that the countries receiving the aid illegal back this action us visa application status and appointment, fees and types are end soon..

US Visa News and Updates:

Including murderers and dangerous criminals will be released each day, the countries that did not support them, Republican Senator Chuck back to the extradition of the accused. He wrote a letter to the Homeland Security Advisory Council. Similar to the ones being released every day, he wrote a letter to Homeland Security Secretary J. Johnson said. In 2015 alone, 2,166 people were released in the previous two years, 6,100 people have been released, the sources said. Currently, 23 countries, the US does not support  said in his letter.
Total of 62 countries have been identified for the United States of America, 23 states added to the account countries. Especially Cuba, China, Somalia, India, Guyana threw more concluded. They converged on the top five list. Immigration and Act 243 (d), according to Chuck asked the countries to take steps for their. Once this section is going to be one in 2001 in the case of Guyana immediately came down, and the cooperation has been given.

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